Sunday, March 9, 2008

WOW.. we had a great first month!

We are so happy with our first month on Etsy, everyone is so sweet and the sales have far exceeded our expectations!

We are so friggin excited that people actually took the time to write (nice!) things about us... check out this one!


Harrach Glass Beads said...

A LA CARTE ART featured artist questionnaire
by Harrach Glass

(Harrach): To begin with, please introduce yourself, and give our readers a little personal history.

(Harrach): Where can people purchase your art online? Give links to your website, Etsy store, Ebay store, or any other sales outlets.

(Harrach): How long have you been an artist?

(Harrach): Have you been classically trained as an artist?

(Harrach): How would you describe your style of art?

(Harrach): What inspires your creativity?

(Harrach): Do you have advice for other artists just starting out in the business?

(Harrach): Do you teach or help mentor other budding artists?

(Harrach): What are your interests besides art?

Thank you very much for filling out my questionnaire! Please forward this questionnaire to my email address which is Etsy doesn’t like people sending a lot of convo’s!

Also please attach a few pictures of your original art work, in gif or jpeg format. It doesn’t need to be something that you have for sale at the moment, it could have already been sold, or something that is not for sale. I’ll pick through your samples and upload my favorite or favorites!

I will include in my blog interview all of the links you supply in the questionnaire. I would also like to have at least your first name, and of course your business name.

I will notify everyone when they are featured.

And once again thanks!

Anonymous said...

marina says:

hey sweetie....saw that article............fantastic !

chat with you soon