Saturday, February 7, 2009

Happy Anniversary to 2ReVert!!!

Well it's been one year now since 2ReVert started on Etsy, and we want to celebrate!!!

Here's the details:

FREE ***WORLDWIDE*** shipping, yep, that's right... just how we started off, one week of FREE worldwide (we love the whole dang planet) shipping!!!

PLUS.... purchase more then $50. at any one time and get a 10% refund!

And it gets even better...

>>>> 2ReVert's CONTEST <<<<<

Prize: $200.00 prize pack of 2ReVert goodies (the winner will help us figure out what will be in the prize pack), and we will of course ship it anywhere (for free of course).

Draw Date: Saturday, Feb. 14, 2009

How to enter:

Comment on this post will get you ONE entry.

Mention sweet things about 2ReVert on your blog (along with a link to here or our Etsy store) and we'll enter your name in 50 times (be sure to let us know you did so we can enter your name)!

For every 2ReVert item purchased you'll be entered in 20 times.


Jann & Jeff


BlenderBach said...

holy cow! I would LOVE to be entered!

I'll have to blog about you tomorrow :)


Nicole said...

Man, I don't know how I found you guys, but this is awesome!
i blogged about you guys on LiveJournal!
and twittered you, too!
Where do you acquire your broken skateboards?

*karen said...

OK. This is too good to resist. I may actually do all three things. Will definitely mention this on my blog.

*karen said...

Question: Can I include a photo from your etsy shop with my blog post?

Angie said...

Hey, I visited your shop. You sure have some unique items made from Recycled Skateboards! I can't imagine how you do it! I especially liked the earrings!

Thanks for the great giveaway!

ms318i said...

YOU GUYS ROCK ! and so do your.....rings, ear rings, necklaces, belt buckle, coaster, bracelets..........EVERYTHING !

i just have to keep Luc's skateboard away from you guys if you ever come to might take it and recycle it lol

keep up the awesome work !

2ReVert said...

Thanks everyone, you're all entered... and Nicole gets the extra entries, thanks so much for the blogging, maybe if you win you can get your own ring :)

Karen, yes, please feel free to use one of 2ReVert's photos. Can't wait to see your blog.


Brittany said...

Great contest, 2revert!

I just started blogging, but will definitely feature your shop *soon*! I'll link my blog to you when I do. :)


Andrea said...

your jewelry is Gorgeous! I'm putting it on my valentines gift wish-list right now! Very unique. Keep up the great work.

Chakra Pennywhistle said...

Oh my! I am such a fan of your work! I would love a contest entry :)

the rikrak studio said...

yay! i love you nicies!

green girl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
green girl said...

Wow. Your shop is awesome, your jewelry beautiful.
I'm so excited.
I blogged about it here:

Oh, and I'm the cause of that deleted comment. I put the wrong link in by accident, so I wanted to re-do it.

Nyny said...

How cool! I love your pieces!


2ReVert said...

Thanks so much everyone, keep them coming... it only takes one quick comment to win! But... to get the extra chances do like rikrak and green girl and post a blog entry, thanks so much you two sweet kittens.

good luck all,

Lisa at Lil Fish Studios said...

How cool! Your work is wonderful. Happy Anniversary!

kimQuinn said...

Happy Anniversary! Your pieces are awesome as always!!!
Thanks! -Kim

Anonymous said...

Hi Guy's great blog awesome stuff you make!!I'm joules I wish I had a husband /partner that is involved in my art/craft business. Maybe I've got too start looking again.
I am going to Europe June-Aug.!
To visit family.Any thing is passable!!
I haven't used my blog lately I guess now I have too.Great Idea your pretty generous!
My store :
Yours hand- made

Erin, maker of chimes said...

Oh awesome!

Modernfigurative said...

Heh heh good idea for a contest!
nice blog, great shop!
Happy anniversary!
take care!

uncorked said...

Here's my entry- LOVE your work- own a pair of your amazing earrings!
I blogged you guys here

Happy Anniversary!

- Cat

Jennifer M. Brown said...

Happy Anniversary to a load of sweet goodness from you and all your works.
I am linking you also with my blog, of course, quality things to say.
Twitter too.
Thank you for being here.


Kella MacPhee Photojournalist said...

yay! your shop is so fresh! i received a pair of your round earrings for my birthday and can't stop wearing them! keep the creativity flowing!

joonbeam said...

Happy Etsyversary. Love your creations & many wishes for continued success. joon {a fellow eco etsian}

Shauneil said...

Aw, man....I knew I should have started a blog!

Well, I'll have to settle for the comment-only entry.

You guys the concept and beauty of your work!

SamD said...

Awesome giveway! Thanks so much for doing this and congrats on the one year anniversary on etsy. I love all of your pieces.

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Cool jewelry, I love it!

Anonymous said...

Plus, I said very nice things about you on my blog at

Anonymous said...

Actually I put it on my other blog too at

Anonymous said...

My, do I have a lot of blogs. Now you're on too

Summer said...

You guys are rad! Yay!

Brenda // Phydeaux said...

What a great drawing and congratulations! Your shop is awesome! I'll send you a blog link shortly. :) (p.s., thanks to Ottoman's blog post, I learned about your anniversary!)

brenda at phydeauxdesigns dot com

Brenda // Phydeaux said...

Blog post!

Cheers! Brenda

zJayne said...

2ReVert's shop is such a useful and artistic way to upcycle. Great photos too.

the Squirrel said...

Just came across your designs and they are amazing. I luv the use of recycling :)

2ReVert said...

Thanks so much everyone, keep them coming, draw will happen tomorrow evening :) Thanks so much for the blog features to Cat, BetterBefore, and Brenda, love them... and extra entries to you all.

Good luck everyone!


lillyella, uniquely you said...

wow - congratulations on one great year! Count me in on this fun giveaway!
I really love the new square ring - fabulous!

Anonymous said...

I found you guys through Ottoman's blog, and I'm so glad I did! Your shop has some amazing things.

beatrice at etsystalker . com

sushipie said...

super sweet etsy shop!

these earrings are so my favorite:


2ReVert said...

Thanks everyone. Contest is closed... we will make the draw and announce the winner later this evening.

jann & jeff