Wednesday, August 20, 2008

We love our customers!

I get so excited when reading some of the comments left in the feedback section of our Etsy store... here's some that make me smile:

"This is the coolest damn thing that I've ever purchased on etsy. I LOVE my skateboard necklace. LOVE."

"Now me, my mother, sister, and all the girls in my bridal party have one of your pieces:-) Fabulous!!!! Such great pieces! xoxo"

"mos' def the most rockin'est ring evah.
thank you for the excellent customer service and the most original ring fo' sho."

But, actually seeing a 2ReVert piece that we created on another person across the world... well that is amazing as well! Check out these recent photos we received! love it. cheers, jann.

1 comment:

tinee said...

yay! i love my 2ReVert bangle, too!! it's my favourite piece of the year...
here's a photo:

keep up the good work!
xo tinee