Tuesday, September 9, 2008

7 and 8

I’m seriously lovin’ these earrings. Not only are they a super purple, but they have numbers on them. 7 on one, 8 on the other. I wonder if Jeff was thinking of me when he made these ones, as you see I was born in ‘78 (yep, turning the big 3-0 this year!). I also love how these earrings can mean so many different things to different people, maybe it’s not the year ‘78 to you, maybe it’s ‘87, maybe not the year you were born but the year you gave birth? Maybe that’s not even it. Maybe you are 87 years old and want to rock out some 2ReVert earrings down to the local club. Maybe it’s 8+7 (which is 15 by the way). Maybe your dog just turned 15, maybe your fish had 15 babies (or maybe you did). Any way you turn it, they are numbers which I love. Whatever an 8 and a 7 can mean to you.


PS... stay tunned for our first ever 2ReVert prize pack giveaway! :)


ms318i said...

hey there jann and jeff. looks like your are very busy. keep up the awesome work. will have to send a pic of myself with a piece of 2revert ! love it !

p.s little birdie told me you were on good morning canada........where's the footage for us aussies to see??????

chat with you soon

Anonymous said...


I'm the admin of a group called Find...Make...Wear... - a flickr project by the V&A Museum and our artist in residence Dorothy Hogg about jewellery made from found objects.

We really like your jewellery and would love to have your photos added to the group.

Please feel free to contribute any suitable images of your jewellery pieces made from recycled materials.


We really hope you’ll be able to contribute to this initiative by adding your creations!

Nathalie Brault said...

Yes I'm Nathalie the one that did a review on you guys at http://women-prenuergalore.blogspot.com and am just wondering if you've seen it yet and if you'got the message on Etsy or not. Guess you might be busy too. Just let me know when you get this message. Love to hear from you. Thanks

Aileen Clarke Crafts said...

Hi, I just followed you here from Etsy. Saw one of your pieces on the front page and thought Wow! How cool is that pendant. I love the aged look of the wood and the random colours but the shapes you produce are just so beautiful. Fantastic that it all comes from old skateboards!